Duarte of Portugal

Imperial Suite- Duarte of Portugal, 5th Duke of Guimarães

{Almeirim, March, 1541 - Évora, November 28, 1576}

 80 m2;

Twin bed;

City view;


Occupation: up to 2 people;

Offer of coffee and water throughout the stay.


This is our only Suite in the Imperial Suite category.


Meet D. Duarte of Portugal, 5th Duke of Guimarães...

Duarte of Portugal, Infante of Portugal, was the son of Infante Duarte I and D. Isabel of Bragança. On his father's side, he was the grandson of King Manuel I of Portugal and the cousin of King Sebastião I. In 1555, he became the 10th Constable of Portugal.

As a member of the Council of State, he accompanied King Sebastião on his first trip to Tangier in North Africa in 1574. King Sebastião was jealous of Duarte for his popularity and on several occasions disrespected his position. When the king didn't invite his cousin to the royal bullfight, Duarte became upset and ended up leaving the court and living in Évora where, a few months later, he died unmarried and without descendants, aged 35.

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