Portugal 2020 - Project Form

Project designation   | Torel Palace Lisbon digital transformation
Project code   | LISBON-02-0752-FEDER-071388
Main objective | Strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs - Internationalization

Intervention region   |Lisbon
Beneficiary entity | WURLLITZER, LDA

Approval date   | 28-04-2021
Start date   | 04-04-2021
Date of the conclusion   | 03-04-2023
Total eligible cost   | 241,061.90 EUROS
Financial support from the European Union   | FEDER – 96,424.76 EUROS

Project objectives

With this project, an internationalization strategy based on digital media was outlined, to promote the expansion of Torel Palace Lisbon and also to allow the recovery of 2019's business volume, as a result of the predictable drop of more than 50% due to the situation of pandemic.

To this end, this project foresees the use of outbound and particularly inbound marketing tools. The investment to be made is innovative within the company, with particular emphasis on the creation of a 3D virtual tour of the Hotel and the reinforcement of business intelligence to create more personalized offers.

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