Antónia of Bragança

Suite Royal with view

{Lisbon, February 17, 1845 – Sigmaringen, December 27, 1913}


49 m2;

Twin bed;

City view;


Occupation: up to 2 people;

Offer of coffee and water throughout the stay.

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Meet Antónia of Bragança, Princess of Hohenzollern...


Antónia de Bragança was an Infanta of Portugal, the second daughter of Queen Maria II of Portugal and King Fernando II.

She married Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen in Germany at the age of 16, earning the title of Princess Consort of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. She then left for Germany and spent more than 20 years away from Portugal, living in a castle in Sigmaringen. She only returned to Portugal after her husband's death in 1887, but she never hid how much she missed her home country, saying "don't think that because I'm very German I'm less Portuguese, it wouldn't be possible to love a home country more than I do".

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