D. Afonso, Duke of Porto

Royal with view

{Lisbon, July 31, 1865 — Naples, February 21, 1920}


35 m2;

Twin bed;

City view;

Occupation: up to 2 people;

Offer of coffee and water throughout the stay.


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Meet Infante D. Afonso, Duke of Porto...

Afonso de Bragança was an infante of Portugal, 3rd Duke of Porto, 25th Constable of Portugal and 109th governor and last viceroy of Portuguese India. He was the second son of King Luís I of Portugal and Queen D. Maria Pia.

During his lifetime, he was a divisional general in the Portuguese army and honorary commander of the Ajuda Volunteer Fire Brigade. He was known as "O Arreda", because he would race through the city streets in a fire engine at high speed shouting "Arreda, Arreda!" to get people to get out of the way, as there were no sirens at the time.

A lover of cars and speed, D. Afonso was responsible for organising the first car races in Portugal.

After the Portuguese Republic was established in 1910, D. Afonso went into exile in Italy with his mother, where he lived in Naples until his death.

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