Infante João, “The Constable”

Suite Deluxe With a view

{Santarém, January 13, 1400 – Alcácer do Sal, October 18, 1442}



  • 38 m2;
  • Twin bed;
  • City view;
  • Occupation: up to 2 people;
  • Offer of coffee and water throughout the stay.


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Meet D. João, “The Constable” ...

João was an infante of Portugal from the Avis dynasty and the 3rd Constable of Portugal, son of King João I and D. Filipa de Lencastre and one of the first of the Ínclita generation.

As Constable, he tried to dissuade his brother D. Duarte from the Tangier expedition in Morocco, foreseeing its poor outcome. Later, he was in favour of rescuing Fernando, the Holy Infant, who had been held hostage by the Moroccans.

João was cultured, sensible and left few written works. For João, the Muslims should be fought through the Gospels and not with the sword, a position he defended in 1432, being against the war in Morocco.

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