Infante D. Henrique

Suite Deluxe with view

{Porto, March 4, 1394 – Sagres , November 13, 1460}


60 m2;

Twin bed;

City view;

Occupation: up to 2 people;

Offer of coffee and water throughout the stay.


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Meet D. Henrique, the infante of Sagres...

D. Henrique de Avis, the fifth son of King João I and D. Filipa de Lencastre, was a Portuguese infant and part of the Ínclita Geração. He had an exemplary but extremely religious education.

D. Henrique was the most important driving force behind the Age of Discoveries and became popularly known as the “Infante of Sagres” or “The Navigator”.
He was commander of the conquest of Ceuta with his father. During his lifetime, while leading expeditions in the Atlantic, the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores and the island of Cape Verde were rediscovered.

However, he led the Tangier expedition in Morocco in 1437, which proved to be a failure as his younger brother Fernando was held hostage in Morocco until his death in 1443 as a guarantee of the return of Ceuta, which never came. This was a serious blow to D. Henrique's prestige and reputation.

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