D. Fernando, The Holy Infante


{Santarém, September 29, 1402 – Fez, June 5, 1443}



  • 35 m2;
  • Twin bed;
  • Occupation: up to 2 people;
  • Offer of coffee and water throughout the stay.


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Meet D. Fernando, the Holy Infant…

Fernando, son of King João I of Portugal and D. Filipa de Lencastre, was Master of the Order of Avis and the youngest member of the Ínclita Generation.

In 1437, Fernando led and took part in the expedition to Tangier in Morocco, which failed due to poor organization and lack of preparation on the Portuguese side, becoming known as the "Tangier Disaster". Fernando was taken hostage by the Moors and ended up dying in captivity in 1443. Given all the suffering and mistreatment he endured and his sacrifice in the name of national interests, he earned the epithet "Infante Santo" (Holy Infant).

There have been various debates about why the Portuguese weren't more aggressive in rescuing Fernando, but the truth is that even he himself would rather be held hostage and eventually die than give up Ceuta for his freedom.

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